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    Tim Shepherd

    Looking at going late August-early September 2018 but up for another date if there is enough interest in another date.
    Doing the London-Newhaven-Dieppe-Paris route, I have done the route four times so we won’t get lost.
    Looking for a group of up to 12 or individuals.

    I do not charge anything.

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    I’m looking at running from London to Paris via Newhaven/Dieppe (no way to get in the chunnel on foot it would seem).
    Obviously, I’m not too keen on roads with traffic.
    In your experience, would the routes proposed on this website be OK for a run or should I look for more indirect routes ?
    Thanks for your help.
    Best reagrds
    Greg (from Paris)

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    hi im looking for a good challenge what would be your avg speed?

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    A Rahim

    Hey Tim,
    I am keen to do this, flexible on the date. Live in East London.

    Let me know how this goes


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    im very interested in joining with you please and im flexible on the dates 🙂

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    A Rahim

    Hi Tim,

    Might be a good idea to create a strava group for this tour/event.


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    Is it worth doing a facebook or strava group to see anybody want body wants to do this?

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    3 of us are planning to do a self assisted ride from London to Paris on April 20th Weekend. Any suggestions on routes? If any of you would like to join, get in touch with me ricky.com@gmail.com. We will each pay of our own expense.


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    Hi are you doing it in 24 hours?

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    Hi there don’t know if I’m too late for this but if there’s a group doing London to Paris again in 2018 I’m keen. Happy to train hard – completed race across America last year in team of 4 so like the extreme stuff. Thanks Lisa

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