London to Paris Bike Ride

An independent guide for those looking to cycle from London to Paris


Cycling from London to Paris is an exciting challenge and it’s great to see you’re in for the ride.

We’ve got lots of tips and advice to assist those looking to cycle independently from London to Paris. Check out our training tips, view our route suggestions, compare accommodation from our list of cycle friendly hotels and see what you need to take with our bicycle and gear lists. All of this compiled from those who’ve already completed the London to Paris bike ride.

If instead you want to join an organised ride like a London to Paris charity ride then we can help you too.

So make yourself at home and we look forward to hearing about your ride!

Route Planning

It’s a good idea to start thinking about what route to take early on and when you plan to ride as this may have an affect on the route.

There are many routes options available when cycling from London to Paris, each with their own benefits and challenges. In England you may wish to travel via Portmouth, Newhaven or Dover and in France via Le Havre, Dieppe and Calais.

We’ve compiled a range of London to Paris cycle routes submitted from those who have already cycled them. So whether you’re looking to race your way to Paris in less than 24 hours or pedal your way to Paris at a more leisurely pace, seeing the sights on the way, we’ve got it covered.


With your dates confirmed and your basic route plans in place it’s time to prepare yourself for the London to Paris bike ride.

It’s important to consider what type of bike to use, what kit you may need to take and how to get your body in shape in time for the ride.

We aim to help you answer all those questions here. Read our equipment guide to help you decide what to pack, look through our training plans and consider which one best meets your needs and don’t forget your are not alone, we’ve got a community of London to Paris bike ride enthusiasts who would be happy to help. Why not start by checking out our forums.

Main image : James Solly