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An intro to those behind london2paris.co.uk
Welcome to london2paris.co.uk our guide to the London to Paris bike ride … it’s great to see that you are interested in cycling from London to Paris and we hope that this website can help make planning and preparing for your ride that much easier by providing as much useful information as possible from those who have been fortunate enough to complete the iconic ride already.

As for us, well this site has been put together as a result of having cycled London to Paris ourselves back in 2009 and falling in love with the ride. A small group of us (4 to be exact) decided to get back on our bikes and try our first long distance ride. We were not what you would call cycle enthusiasts with most of us having not ridden a bike much since our teenage years but we we’re keen to give it a try and are so glad we did. We now cycle much more regularly and are just about to undertake our sixth long distance cycle ride.

The original aim of this site was to have a place where each of us could collaborate and prepare ourselves for the London to Paris bike ride as we did not live close by to each other. We posted route plans, which bikes we we’re each buying, what kit to get and how we were training and having this space really helped us to coordinate everything.

We decided early on that as this was a big challenge for us cycling from London to Paris that we should raise money for a good cause in the process so we encouraged friends and family to visit our website to see the effort we were going to and we published links to charity fund-raising pages so that they could go ahead and sponsor us.

Upon our return we posted full details of our ride, what went well and what didn’t go so well, which route we took and where we stayed so that others looking to do the ride in the future could benefit in some way. Ever since publishing this we have been contacted every week from people visiting the site with questions, feedback and thankfully gratitude for us having put the site together. This was really great and we were glad that we could help others in their plans to complete the ride we loved so much.

More and more people are now wanting to cycle London to Paris and our visitor numbers to this website are continually increasing. This is really encouraging to see and has motivated us to take the time to completely re-design this site and open it up to be a more helpful resource trying to pull in tips and advice from as many people as possible instead of just a journal of our own trip.

Here you will now find more detailed training tips, route suggestions, accommodation advice and bicycle and kit lists which have come from our own experiences on this ride and similar as well as from countless other people who have contacted us over the last few years for which we’d like to send our personal thanks. We’ve also included a community area to encourage you to share stories, ask and answer questions and generally talk and get excited by what is, an amazing cycle ride.

We hope you like what is here and that it is of value to you in your planning for the London to Paris bike ride.

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