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Mal stratton


Myself and a group of 7 done the London to Paris 24 hrs route in October last year. We all used road bikes on skinny tyres. I fitted new tyres before I went but not realising that fixed rim tyres we’re going to be so hard to remove. So definitely rimless are the future.

Between us we had approx 18 punctures and at least 3 tyres required. I think we were desperately unlucky. Only two of the group did not puncture and they both had
Continental Grand Prix 4000S II Folding Road Tyre Fitted.

The weather was atrocious with strong winds and rain which meant a lot of debris on the route. We did use the avenue verte for a little bit but we got more punctures on it due to the debris.

It is all tarmacced – the only issue with the section we were on was that it always had a slight incline so never got any respite for freewheeling etc. As we were doing the 24 hr challenge we were up against the clock all the time.

From doing a bit of research I believed the route was going to be much easier to navigate than it turned out to be. We didn’t use the gps routes- every now and again you would be faced with a motorway and had to divert round it.

I still have some GPx files of the routes if required. Or if you have any further questions feel free to ask.