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    Heitor Tosetto

    Hi mates,

    Eurostars demands to box the bike. It’s not an option once I’m hiring bikes. Any suggestions?

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    L2P Admin

    Hi Heitor,

    Eurostar has undoubtedly made it more challenging to transport bicycles back to London from Paris. Contact them via email ( to see what options they can offer on your specific dates. Your bicycle must be disassembled and packaged in a box or a bag. A bag could be a good option, as you could carry this out with you on your ride from London to Paris, or buy and send one ahead of time to your Paris accommodation, or buy one in Paris.

    As for alternatives, one option is to drive back by borrowing/hiring a van or large car and getting someone you know to drive it to and from Paris. They can transport your bikes back via ferry or Le Shuttle, provide some helpful support on the way, and even carry any heavy luggage.

    Albeit more hassle, you could get the train from Paris to Calais (via Lille or Amiens), then take your bicycles over on the ferry and then pick up the train from Dover back to London. Some train companies in France also require bicycles to be disassembled and carried in a bag (see link below).

    As an alternative to the ferry between Calais and Dover, you could opt to use the LeShuttle bike service, which transports you and your bike on a specially adapted and spacious minibus between Calais and Folkestone.

    You could, of course, cycle back to Calais, Dieppe, Dunkirk and then take the ferry (of LeShuttle) and then get the train back to London.

    Finally, there are courier services, but they are usually very expensive. Perhaps try getting quotes using a service like ClickTrans (I’ve not used them, so I can’t personally recommend them).

    Helpful links:
    Eurostar Bike Policy:
    LeShuttle Cycle Service:
    Guide to travelling by train with bikes:

    I hope the above helps.

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