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    Hi Guys,

    I was looking to to organise my own london to paris cycle ride with my friends and family. I was wondering how hard this is and what you need to start it up. The questions im looking to be answered are 1. do you need a doctor or physio with you 2. would you need a support vehicle with spare parts? 3. if so is there people that you can hire for the ride.

    Hope you can help


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    Martin Bodocky

    Hi George,

    I’m looking for people to do that race as well. I’m not expert but i know i want to do it.

    Please write here if you are still interested in chatting about collaboration.



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    Alan Bull

    Providing you are all reasonably fit individuals, and do an adequate amount of training then you won’t need a doctor with you for a personally organised trip. if there are a large number of you planning to do this then you would be obliged to arrange this.

    As for a support vehicle – don’t bother. Just grab a decent pannier rack and bag and carry them with you.

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    Debbie McLean

    I am planning to do the London to Paris via Newhaven route (3 day or 4 day route) April 2015
    Ideally i’d like to be in paris for my 40th (26th April) but open to doing it a little earlier or later.

    Would like to ride with at least one other. – I’m a bit of a newby to this. (Building up at the moment by around 10 miles each month) I Live in Central Scotland. Please get in touch.

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    Debbie – I wish to do the London to Paris Bike Ride but not for charity. I am keen on organising a group. Ideally we would need someone to do backup – take the luggage, be around for any problems and perhaps provide the picnics. Usually there is someone who is happy to do this for having their trip paid for but I am open to suggestions.

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    Rob Sutherland


    I’m also looking to do London – Paris in 2015 (don’t care when as long as not too cold) at a reasonably leisurely pace (60-70 miles a day), possibly along the Route Vert. Would prefer an informally organised group (I cleaned out all my friends doing a charity ride last year) but having someone as backup would be ideal.

    I do parlez a bit of the local lingo, not well but enough to get by, which may be a help

    Rob Sutherland

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    Lesley and Rob sounds good. Where are you based and does April work? I think back up vehicle isn’t really needed if only doing 50-100 miles each day but the reassurance of another person on the route would be great. Weegiewoman@gmail.com is my email if you fancy chatting it over.

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    Debbie McLean

    Just a wee update – I did the L2P ride solo in 2015. It was very much do-able as a solo rider. I used http://www.warmshowers.com for accommodation in London and in France and followed the Donald Hirst route.
    Donald Hirst route is VERY hilly but the Avenue Verte is absolutely fantastic. It is easily our main road condition, is really easy to join up to from Dieppe ferry (even at 4 am like I did), it was well signposted and I had a blast. The most I’d ever done in training was 60 miles in one run. I did it on an old Edinburgh Bike Company Cyclocross with Gatorskin tyres but it is very much do-able on a road bike from France side. London to Newhaven was the most difficult part. I had one Puncture, never felt in any danger at all, and met lots of others cycling in April.

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    L2P Admin

    Hi Debbie. Thank you for the quick update on your amazing London to Paris bike ride back in 2015. It’s good to hear that you are still looking back so positively on your trip. If you would like to, we’d love to hear more about it. Would you consider writing a summary of your trip with a photo of two to post in our ‘Community Stories’ section, which is in need of some more recent stories?

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