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    Gulab Mostofa

    We had never ridden more than 20 miles and here we were planning a 220 mile ride from London to Paris. 18 of us went and we had the time of our lives.

    I used this website to help me a lot. I must admit, the Donald hirch route isn’t as easy to follow as it initially appears.

    Watch the video of our story.

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    L2P Admin

    Well done guys, you did incredibly well and you should all be very proud of yourselves. Thanks for sharing your video, we will feature this on the site shortly – very professionally edited too.

    Keep us posted on your next cycle challenge!

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    Have not been on a bike since 2003…doing the London to Paris this August.
    Wish me luck!

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    Good luck! I have also only got back on a bike in August after 25years and also committed to doing the London to Paris in September. I can’t stop thinking “What have I done” !!!
    I’ve been looking at the training plans and wondering if I’m actually capable of it, well and truly daunted!

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    Hi, if you are planning to do on a roadbike and don’t mind having an old man to tag along i’d like very much to join your group. August seems good. I plan to celebrate my retirement doing this ride, with little knowledge of the routes/direction. I’ve done the century and charting 200-300kms weekly, regularly. I can be reached at Thank you.

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    Lamees and Slowlycatchymonkey, wondering how you got on with your challenge? Did you do it? I’m in a similar position as you both described,looking at London to Paris late summer 2017.

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