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    Hello all
    I am in the process of planning a charity ride for approx 25 cyclists, leaving end of August. As the group will be mixed abilities we have chosen the shortest route via Dieppe as shown on this website. However one of the group has queried that this may actually be a very heavy traffic route and therefore not that easy or pleasurable. I would love to hear from anyone who has done this recently and whether they know of any variations to avoid very traffic heavey roads?

    Many thanks


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    Hi Claire,

    Are you the same Claire that organised the L2P bike rides in aid of MAG? I did that a few years ago with my pregnant wife, and we did not find it that busy.

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    Hi everyone, I am doing the Ride from London to Paris via the Dieppe route, I was wondering if the A roads that it shows is the actual route and if they have cycle lanes? Does anyone have a cycle map that shows only cycle routes via the Dieppe route from London to Paris? I am struggling to find anywhere on the internet that shows a route to use via only cycle routes and I really do not want to get lost!
    any help will be much appreciated.

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    Kev Winchcombe

    Hi Charity Claire, I did London to Paris via Dieppe last year, over 4 days. The routes I devised/used were very traffic free, amazingly so near Paris. Bits of the London Newhaven route were busy but as we left on a Sunday it wasn’t so busy. France cycling is just a dream, especially the routes we took.

    Take a look at the routes on my blog:

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    Hi there,

    I am planning to go in 4 days Lon-Par vie Newhaven and the French route seems to me nice and quiet, but what I am not sure is about the London-Newhaven section, which I will like to complete in one day, starting very early (6-7am) and arriving hopefully there to take the 5pm ferry and sleep once we are in Dieppe. But I have 2 questions:

    1. Are the roads from London to Newhaven safe enough for cycling? They seem to be very narrow and car probably drive fast there.

    2. Will we be able to complete this section in just one day taking into account we are just newbies and only commuting by bike to work?

    I would appreciate any comment about this, thanks

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    Firstly Kev, thanks for the website, it’s amazing! Secondly how busy are we talking for the London to Newhaven section? We’re leaving on a Tues off the sleeper and heading for the teatime ferry. The roads don’t look too busy and are all minor roads. Ok for a confident rider I presume, not too hairy!!

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    Steven Payne

    Hi, I am planning a ride from London (Westminster Abbey) to Paris (Notre Dame) on a penny farthing in full medieval armour.
    Can someone tell me, for the Dieppe route, if there are any long or steep uphill sections along the way?
    I can only do about 25 miles a day on this bike given that it has no brakes, gears or air in the tyres and of course I will be hauling quite a bit of extra weight with the armour, so anything uphill longer than about 10 miles will be a problem, especially as I am 56.

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    I am planning a 4 days London to Paris cycle ride via Dieppe (the shortest route, I think) in summer of 2020.
    I am 61 year old, started cycling 2 years ago and has done Prudential London 46 miles twice and once London to Brighton so far.
    Can someone please advise me if there is any charity cycle ride next year using this short route.

    Many thanks

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