I really still can’t believe that I have done it, knowing that I should of as always done more training. The trip WAS AMAZING, I think we found the right balance between enjoying ourselves and completing the task .With a couple of the team coming down with injuries close to the start date, made our achievement even more special. !!

Looking back at the trip I think the decision to not book the hotels on the second and third days. That flexibility gave us the ability to push on both days and make the forth day that little more comfortable. By some luck the  hotel on the second day was a touch on the luxury side I think was a god send. More than I care to admit.

A note to self and others that are planning to do the trip is not to rely totally on the tech . I would say right at the possibly most tricky stage i.e trying to make or way into Paris our Sat Nav system gave up the ghost. And we found ourselves in the position that the two set of maps we had i.e the larger scale one of Northern France, and that smaller scale map of paris . We found ourselves in the twilight zone, and relying on Dave’s sense of direction.A bit of forward planning I feel would really pay off.

Maybe it’s my age but I feel that I should mention the kit that got us there.I personally could not of done without my’ Camelback’ , having 3litres of water on my back was a god send .  Having the road tyres made the task that little bit easier , having stuck it my mountain bike to support my ample frame changing tyres was a must.Energy Bars and drinks were also a great help I found that they gave me that little extra boost when needed .And last but not least the padded shorts and the special cream that I had.(Hmm)

The changing of technique , this dawned on me half way through the trip. I started to wonder wether my tendance to get off my saddle was having an affect. After convincing myself to give it a go, realised that this small change made one hell of a difference.And made my arse less sore. !!!!

Having completed this trip , I can honest say I have been bitten by the bug . I can’t wait for the next one . And I know that my fellow riders feel the same . Bring on London to Amsterdam.

Written and submitted by : Ed Moore (Sep 2009)