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Recommended cycle locks for your London to Paris bike ride

Securing your bike is an unfortunate necessity. Even on an adventure like the London to Paris cycle ride, bicycle thefts happen. A bicycle lock will be needed on the ferry, in some of your accommodation and on any stop-off that you make along the way.

Bike locks are one part of cycling where saving money is a false economy. General guidance from the experts is to spend at least 10% of the bike’s value on the lock.

There’s often a compromise between maximum security and portability, as the most secure locks are often the heaviest.

When you look for a lock, you’ll often see reference to a ‘Sold Secure’ rating. This is an independent rating system used to ensure the quality of a bike lock. An approved bicycle lock is graded as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond. The rating is decided by how long it takes to break the lock and which tools are needed to break it.

  • Bronze: Offers only very basic defence against the opportunist thief.
  • Silver: Offers a compromise between security and cost to prevent more determined attacks and is typically for bicycles under £1,000.
  • Gold: Offers the next highest level of protection from dedicated attacks and is typically aimed at bicycles valued at over £1,000.
  • Diamond: Offers the highest level of bike security for highly motivated attacks using a range of specialist tools and aimed at very high-value bicycles and e-bikes.

For some expert tips on how best to secure your bike in a way that ensures your bicycle insurance is covered, then visit Pedalsure’s Ultimate Guide to Bike Locks.

Here is a breakdown of the main types of locks available with a list of some highly rated and recommended bicycle lock options for your London to Paris bicycle ride.

D-Locks / U-Locks

D-locks are arguably the most secure and durable. These popular bicycle locks use a robust and curved tube of steel that can be slotted between wheel spokes and around the bike frame to an immovable object like a bike rack or railing.

The main strength of the D-lock is the locking mechanism itself. The D shape prevents leverage style attacks that can easily break a cable on a lower grade chain lock and resists a range of attacks from picking tools.

Most D-locks come with a frame that can be easily attached to your bike, ideal if you do not want to carry an extra bag around when you cycle.

Here’s a list of some highly rated and recommended bicycle D-locks for your London to Paris bicycle ride:

Chain locks

Chain locks are very versatile. They use heavy-duty chain links that are typically covered with a plastic or a fabric sleeve, and have a locking mechanism at each end to keep it in place. The chain can be fed through the bike frame or around a wheel and then fastened around an immovable object like a bike rack or railing.

These locks are available in several lengths and thicknesses, and the locking system can be key based or combination (number or letter). Thick chain links are excellent against bolt cutters.

The chain lock itself can be wrapped around your bike frame while you ride, making it easy to transport.

Here’s a list of some highly rated and recommended bicycle chain locks for your London to Paris bicycle ride:

Cable locks

Cable Locks are very popular because they’re lightweight and more flexible than chain locks and tend to come in longer lengths, allowing greater versatility.

Cable locks are made from twisted metal fibres covered in plastic to prevent weathering. They also come in key and combination locking mechanisms (numbers or letters).

Historically, they aren’t as secure as other bike locks but are perfect for that quick stop off in a safe area due to their lightness.

They’re best used as a secondary lock to fix quick release components to your frame in addition to a D-lock.

Here’s a list of some highly rated and recommended bicycle cable locks for your London to Paris bicycle ride:

Bicycle insurance

Having your bicycle stolen is a horrible experience, leaving you feeling powerless, frustrated and out of pocket.

Consider getting dedicated bicycle insurance to cover you, so you don’t lose out if your bike gets stolen while on your London to Paris cycle ride.

We recommend Pedalsure, which provides comprehensive cover from theft, damage, personal injury, public liability and can even cover your accessories. What’s great is their premiums aren’t expensive and can cover you for up to 60 days overseas and in transit getting there and back. Perfect for your London to Paris cycle ride:

Essential L2P Kit

Here is a list of essential cycling equipment for any London to Paris bike ride (we assume you already have a bike):

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