Cycling Shoes

Recommended cycling shoes for your London to Paris bike ride

Cycling shoes are a valuable investment for cyclists completing the London to Paris bike ride, or any other long-distance cycle ride for that matter.

Cycle shoes make cycling easier by enabling you to clip into the pedals of your bicycle and not just rest on them as you cycle. The result is you’ll be spreading the effort across different muscles as you’re able to pull up your pedals as well as push down on them. Plus your feet will slip less and so more of your energy output will go into powering your bike. They’re pretty durable too so the investment will pay off long after your London to Paris cycle ride.

The first thing to look at with any new pair of cycling shoes is what type of pedals are already on your bike. Many bikes come with standard flat clipless pedals and so you may need to buy some new pedals along with your cycling shoes. Plus different shoes have different cleats (these are the part that connects your shoes with the pedals) so you’ll want to make sure they match – although most cleats can be changed out.

The next thing to look at is the type of cycling shoe you want. The main two are road cycling shoes and mountain bike shoes. Road cycling shoes tend to be lighter with stiff soles that allow you to increase your power into the pedals. Mountain bike shoes tend to be a little more rugged and have softer soles that allow for increased balancing, especially when moving at slower speeds on challenging surfaces.

Choosing the right size is of course important as with any shoes you buy. Look out for cycling shoes that offer additional tightening options as these maximise fit and comfort and help to increase your power output.

There are so many cycling shoes available to choose from. Here is a shortlist of some of the best cycling shoes for both men and women (plus many unisex cycle shoe options too) that come highly recommended by other London to Paris cyclists:

Men’s cycling shoes

Here are some great cycling shoes for men that other London to Paris cyclists have used and recommended:

Women’s cycling shoes

Here are some great cycling shoes for women that other London to Paris cyclists have used and recommended:

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Essential L2P Kit

Here is a list of essential cycling equipment for any London to Paris bike ride (we assume you already have a bike):

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