24 hour cycle routes

Routes to cycle from London to Paris in less than 24 hours!

Cycling from London to Paris in 24 hours is a tough but achievable endurance challenge. This may not be for everyone but there is no doubting that an adventure like this would be an amazing and rewarding experience.

Cycling out from London and through the English hills to the coast, enjoying a well earned break as you make you way over to the continent by ferry and then rolling through the French countryside partly during the night before hitting the streets of Paris the next morning and all within 24 hours of leaving London.

If your unsure about doing this alone then you might want to consider a organised ride (see more below) but for those of you who are more confident with idea then take a look at the following suggested itineraries which have been kindly submitted by our users after completing such a ride.

24 hour London to Paris bike ride route via Dover & Calais

  • Route Plan & Distance
  • London to Dover – 120 km / 75 miles
  • Dover to Calais – Ferry
  • Calais to Amiens – 135 km / 85 miles
  • Amiens to Paris – 130 km / 80 miles
  • Total cycling distance = 385 km / 240 miles

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24 hour London to Paris bike ride route via Newhaven & Dieppe

  • Route Plan & Distance
  • London to Newhaven – 90 km / 56 miles
  • Newhaven to Dieppe – Ferry
  • Dieppe to Paris – 160 km / 100 miles
  • Total cycling distance = 250 km / 156 miles

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Organised rides

To complete this independently requires careful planning to mae sure you have all eventualities covered and real strength and determination to actually complete the ride. If you’ve not done any long distance cycling before then this probably isn’t for you. If you are ready to take the challenge but you aren’t comfortable doing this alone then you may want to consider taking part in an organised ride for the London to Paris in 24 hours ride.

Scope, a well known UK charity, offer cyclists such a challenge every year. The ride is broken down into stages and is fully supported throughout and what’s great about this option is that you can choose to cycle the whole way yourself or team up with a partner and take it in turns to cycle – relay style. Check out London to Paris 24 to find out more.

Recommended book

Avenue Verte (Green Way)
The official guide to the 345 mile / 550 kilometre route between the London Eye and Notre Dame.

Bicycle friendly hotels

Need somewhere to stay?
We've got a list of hotels which are cycle friendly for your London to Paris bike ride.

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