On August the 11th, 2011 thirteen people with very little previous long distance cycling experience took it upon themselves to ride from London to Paris to raise money for the charity Awamu.

Awamu – London to Paris Ride from Stefan Goodchild on Vimeo.

13 (lovely) people cycled nearly 180 miles over three days through unseasonal rain and wind, had twelve punctures (two within 20 minutes!) and raised nearly £11,000 for the charity which will support 17 children in Kampala, Ugando through their education.

Music is “A New Error” by Moderat.

Shot on a mixture of a Canon 550d, a sometimes very damp iPhone 4 and an iPhone 3Gs. The cycling footage is so shaky as it was shot handheld whilst cycling myself. Actually quite tricky it turns out!

You can view the pics here

Video by : Stefan Goodchild